Semi-Automatic The CS 505-4 is the eternal classic in the DUAL sortiment and is now in its fourth generation. A semi-automatic turntable with floating sub-chassis, which combines time and effortless good sound with excellent ease of use and so ensures relaxing and long lasting music enjoyment. Tonearm technology: Cardan bearing with massless stylus force set by high-precision torsion spring. Detachable headshell with 13mm (1/2-inch) fixing-holes. Adjustable tracking force and anti-skating. Extremely rigid headshell made of carbon fiber. Chassis technology: Anti-Distortion wooden chassis. Board with floating suspension. Vibration damped aluminium platter with anti-static, thick felt mat. Drive technology: Belt drive with polished flat belt, 16 pole synchronous motor with speed precision control. Viscosity damped arm lift. Auto Stop with tone arm lift. Supplied with magnetic OM 10 cartridge. נתונים טכניים Speed r/min.: 33/45 Speed accuracy: +/- 0,06 Rumple unweighted singal-to-noise ratio: 52 dB Rumple wieghted signal to-noise ratio: 75 DB Cartridge system: Ortofon OM 10 Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 22 kHz Depth sensing capability (300 Hz): 70 µm at 315 Hz Connections: 1 x RCA Stereo Cable, 1 x Ground Cable Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 147 x 372 mm Weight: 6,5 kg Colour: Black Power requirement: 230 V